Found More Good Information on Chickens

Yesterday I did more research into raising backyard chickens and I found a lot of good information. I already told you about, which is the one my friend recommended, but other good one is The Organic Gardening site has a lot of good information on how I can make organic chicken feed for both baby and adult chickens. I am going to give my hand at making my own chicken feed, since I don’t really trust commercial feed.

Below I’m gonna post a video on the 101 of starting a chicken farm. You should check it out if you plan on raising your own chickens. I found some people useful tips while watching and think I am pretty much ready to start my own little farm.

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Doing Some Research Into Getting Chickens

Backyard Chickens

So I have been really thinking about getting some hens for my backyard. I currently have roommates and they all think I’m crazy and laugh every time I tell them. I think they are actually pretty cool after seeing a couple people own them while I visited South Bend, In last summer. I have been learning a lot about raising the hens from a site called.  I already have the coop I want to purchase and know the hens I want to buy. I will get a couple leghorn chickens, since they are the easiest to raise. I eventually want to get a rare breed, since they have a show here in Plymouth, where owners can have competitions on who has the best looking chickens.

One thing that you have to try are chicken eggs from a home farmer. They are some of the best eggs I have tried. You can also tell the difference from the yolk color. The ones that are home grown seem to have a very dark color yellow, which means it has more nutrition. For this reason, I want backyard chickens even more. I just started eating healthier and I think having control over what the chickens eat will be better for me.

Well what do you guys think? Would you ever raise hens in your backyard? I would love to here what your guys opinions are!

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